Kim Tinh Motel (Nha Nghi)

This little guesthouse is on the main road of Yenh Minh, opposite the petrol station.

It has a little reception and a small staircase leads up to the two floors with three rooms each. One of them is larger with three beds, one is a double bedroom and one single room. The single room has enough space for the bed (which was as usual a bt hard but still comfortable) and for your bags. The bathroom is slightly higher up in the room to prevent any flooding. It has A/C, fan and a TV. THe room was actually very nice – overlooking some rice fields. It is very basic, but for 180.000 Dong it is great value for money.

The older couple of Hanoi (I think) is very friendly, and while they only speak a little bit English they try their best to provide some advise. They will alos organise a permit for you – I paid 240.000 Dong for the permit. The man might invite you for some tea in the reception hall, with is actually a nice way to relax a little bit.

Your bike will be put in a little parking lot in the backyard, so it is safe during the night.

Location of the guesthouse is also very good, with several food places and cafes nearby. Do not miss the cafe next to the guesthouse – a nice place in the morning, At night they play some karaoke, but you won’t hear anything in your room.

Overall the hotel is great value for money, and if you only need  a basic but clean house this is the right place to go.

Rating: 8/10

(Stayed here May 2016)

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