Treks and walks are very popular activities throughout SEA , no surprise given vast variety of different options available – from trekking in mountainous areas, hiking through forests in one of the many national parks or exploring beautiful caves. SEA can offer something for every taste. But often it is not just the scenery that makes the treks and walks so special – most of the time it is the chance of experience the real rural life in these countries and encounter locals who have not experienced mass tourism. For me often the memories of people I met stays longer with me than some amazing view. If you are lucky though, both will stay with you forever!!!

Some areas in SEA have built a reputation for trekking. In Thailand the north is a popular destination for treks and stays in minority village – especially the Chiang Mai area. The same applies to the north of Laos, with Luang Namtha area the best spot, while in the far north Phongsali offers even more remote trekking. The most popular place for hikes in Vietnam is probably Sapa due to the amazing landscape and the amount of minority villages. Near Dong Hoi you can find many options to explore larger caves. In Cambodia the more remote areas of Ratanakiri and Mondulkiri can offer some unique treks. Borneo is another area that is famous for jungle treks (something I will hopefully experience myself at some point). The list can go on and on

But this is just a little sample, most rural places offer excellent options for either overnight treks or little day walks. Just ask your accommodation or travel agencies. Sometimes the little walks will become the walk you will never forget.

Below I have listed the hikes and walks I have done so far in SEA – even though it includes only two overnight hikes. I have a bucket list of places I still want to visit for a trek, so hopefully the list will become bigger very soon.


Luang Namtha

Muang Ngoi – Viewpoint

Muang Ngoi – Ban Na



Kon Tum