Nhà Nghỉ Đồng Luân

I think this was the name of the hotel I stayed. It is on the same street as the petrol station, opposite the food places at the crossing of TL 205 and TL210. It has a courtyard in front of the main entrance, that is surrounded by wall. I got a room on the ground floor with three beds in there, a TV and a ceiling fan as well as an en suite bathroom. Unfortunately the room had a few problems. One of the small upper windows towards the hall had no glass – so it was open entry for anything wanting to come in. The ceiling fan was far too weak and it was boiling hot during the night (it would have been nice to sleep outside to cool down!!!). And worst, when finally falling asleep something bit me. I checked the bed straight away, but there were no signs for bed fleece (no bad marks on the sheet or mattress). I changed beds, but overall I had a very bad night sleep. The price of 300.00 was too much.

The positive side was that your bike is locked inside the inner yard.

If possible I would try to get to the homestay near Ho Thang Hen lake. I have not seen any other hotel in Tra Linh itself, but there could be another one.

I would only stay here again if I would have no other alternative. This was so far the worst place I have stayed at in SEA.

Rating: 2/10

(Stayed here May 2016)

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