Heidelberg III – Visiting the past


After a rather exhausting day taking advantage of my legs it was rather challenging getting out of bed. Well – I somehow managed to get up, pack my bag, check out of the lovely hotel and use the storage room to leave my bag there for the day. And I was out to walk to the Old Town again at 10:30. For me this is a big success on a Sunday morning….
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9. Hanoi, Mr. President and more changes

19.05. – 21.05.2016

Later than expected I was back in Hanoi – the adventure to the north-east still fresh in my mind. Getting off the bus I got hit by strongly by the heat. Oh, I missed the cooler north already. Trying to find my bearing at My Dinh I instantly had to fight off the swarm of taxi and Xe Om drivers who jumped towards me like a pack of wolves would do if they spot Bambi.
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3. Journey into the unknow – Cao Bang

08.05. – 09.05.2016

After a lovely few days in Hanoi it was time to start the adventure – heading to the far north-east to Cao Bang. I doubt there can be a bigger contrast between the tourist hotspot Hanoi and the capital of the remote Cao Bang province. I was excited.
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19. A very very very long train journey to the south


After my stay in Hoi An it was time to get to Ho Chi Minh. Instead of taking the easy way by plane I was lucky enough to get the last soft sleeper berth on the train leaving Danang at 01:30am. I took the last shuttle bus from Hoi An to Danang at 10pm. This minibus ride costs 200,000 Dong to the train station, and you get picked up from your hotel.
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14. Ninh Binh – a story of me, a bike & stunning views

15/12 – 17/12

After Halong Bay my next planned stop was Ninh Binh. I heard that there quite a few tourist attractions in the surrounding area, but I decided to follow some advise I got and booked a three day trip with a guide called Toan. I heard so many good reviews that I was really looking forward to the trip. Exploring rural Vietnam – minus the tourist masses.
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1. From the air to the water – the start of the journey


It was time, after planning my trip to SEA over the last two month it was finally time to enter the plane that will bring me from Europe to SEA – Thailand to be precise. I won’t bother to talk about the flight – as long it arrives in one piece, in time and with my luggage I am happy. And all three boxes were ticked.
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