32. Finding my island paradise – Koh Phayam

30/01 – 08/01

After over 2 month I was back in Thailand. The next destination for me was Koh Phayam, an island apparently not totally overrun by tourists, not having big resorts and having a very laid back atmosphere. I also got a beach bungalow for 600 Bhat per night. it sounded too good to be true – was this really a little paradise?
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6. Crossing the border into Laos – again!!!


After two nights it was time to say goodbye to Thailand, and head into Laos. In the north the most popular border crossing is Chiang Khong – Huay Xai. I crossed that border two years ago – using a boat to get over the Mekong, which is the natural border in this area. It was straightforward, and no need for Tuk Tuks. Well, this has changed now. In 2013 the Friendship Bridge 4 has opened, which is a bit outisde of both Chiang Khong and Huay Xai.
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5. Swapping Mai for Rai – Chaing Rai

20/11/14 – 22/11/14

From Chiang Mai I headed north to my next stop – Chiang Rai. Maybe only letter differentiate the two places, nonetheless I needed to get to the bus station – again. For sure you get to know a few when travelling overland. There are a few stations in Chiang Mai, so it is important to get to the Arcadia bus station, where all the long distance buses leave from.
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4. A Happy return to Chaing Mai

15/11/14 – 20/11/14

After two days in Sukhothai it was time to move one – my next destination was Chiang Mai. After spending only 1 night there 2 years ago, I decided to spend a bit more time there. So bag packed and I was back in a Tuk Tuk to get to the bus station.
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3. Blue Hawaii in Sukhothai

12/11/14 – 15/11/14

After saying goodbye to my lovely travel companions who headed south, it was time to leave as well – I only knew that a bus was leaving at 9am, and that I have to change buses once. Arriving at the station I was pointed towards the bus for Chiang Mai and was told to change bus at a place I never have heard before- Kamphaeng Phet. I thought it was Tek, but who am I to argument with anyone? (this is a rhetorical question!!!). The bus seemed to be a 1st Class bus, comfortable and showing films in English and Thai for the whole journey. To make sure I don’t miss the stop I asked how long the journey will be – the answer of 4 hours sounded a bit short – and obviously it was.
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1. From the air to the water – the start of the journey


It was time, after planning my trip to SEA over the last two month it was finally time to enter the plane that will bring me from Europe to SEA – Thailand to be precise. I won’t bother to talk about the flight – as long it arrives in one piece, in time and with my luggage I am happy. And all three boxes were ticked.
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