4 – Lazy day in Sharm


After the late night at the pool party I did not go diving, and I took it very slowly. I managed to get breakfast and then took advantage of the location of my room. Off to the pool for a long swim, and returning to my room and balcony to stay there until lunch to read a book. Boy, it felt good to be lazy.
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3 – Diving in the Red Sea


Once again not being able to sleep in I was up at 7am. Quickly freshen up, a quick breakfast and off I was to head to the Mr. Dive centre to my long awaited dive day trip. During my first trip to Sharm in 2015 I was diving 7 out of 8 days  I was in Egypt. Diving there is just great, and beats diving in a German lake with visibility of 0,50m or 2m, while it is cold.

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26. Phu Quoc: the beach, blue ocean and bad scallops

13/01 – 18/01

After a the rather rough ferry ride I was finally on Phu Quoc island. Initially I was planning staying in a homestay in the middle of the island, but changed my mind and though if I am on an island, I really should stay near the beach.
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