1. The Forbidden City remains forbidden – Beijing



Just six month after leaving Vietnam I was able to return – courtesy of a cheap offer from Air China. It would have been mad not taking advantage to fly from Dusseldorf to Ho Chi Minh city via Beijing. The flight itinerary even allowed me to have a short stay in Beijing to explore the city (better than staying at the airport for 8 1/2 hours).
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32. Finding my island paradise – Koh Phayam

30/01 – 08/01

After over 2 month I was back in Thailand. The next destination for me was Koh Phayam, an island apparently not totally overrun by tourists, not having big resorts and having a very laid back atmosphere. I also got a beach bungalow for 600 Bhat per night. it sounded too good to be true – was this really a little paradise?
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