9. Hanoi, Mr. President and more changes

19.05. – 21.05.2016

Later than expected I was back in Hanoi – the adventure to the north-east still fresh in my mind. Getting off the bus I got hit by strongly by the heat. Oh, I missed the cooler north already. Trying to find my bearing at My Dinh I instantly had to fight off the swarm of taxi and Xe Om drivers who jumped towards me like a pack of wolves would do if they spot Bambi.
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28. A wedding crasher in Dalat

19/01 – 23/01

After seeing the north of Vietnam, the central part, the south and an island I was now in another part of Vietnam – the central highlands. I always planned to visit the area, but the initial plan was just to head to Kon Tum after Christmas. After re-arranging the order of my journey I finally made it there – just it was Dalat and not Kon Tum.
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