Mekong Adventure V – A day of beauty and sadness


For our second last day we headed further north towards Chau Doc and covering some of the highlights in that area – including travelling along the border to Cambodia.

However, before we left it was time to explore Tri Ton a little bit. Actually, both of us wanted to see the market we spotted on our short walk the previous night. And if possible having breakfast there.

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24. Can Tho: floating markets, snakes – and a beach

11/01 – 12/01

After the rather interesting experience drinking rice wine with the locals I suffered slightly in the morning. As part of the trip arranged with Phat was a boat trip to the floating markets near Can Tho, so getting ready for 6am with a bad hangover wasn’t easy.
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23. The Mekong Delta, a bike, and too much rice wine

09/01 – 11/01

After a lovely stay in Tra Vinh it was time for my next trip on back of a scooter. I booked with Mr Phat, the owner of the Duy Tong hotel. It was slightly more expensive than what I paid for Ninh Binh, and for the $170 I was driven from Tra Vinh to Can Tho via Soc Trang.
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8. Honey, I am home – Luang Prabang II

24/11 – 02/12

After the two days on the slow boat I was finally back in Luang Prabang, nearly 2 years after my first visit. And I must admit, I was smiling like a little child before they get presents for Christmas – I was happy to be back in this charming town.
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