3. Full moon over Hoi An

26.07.2015 – 31.07.2015

The plane arrived over an hour later than expected in Danang. Without any immigration I headed straight to the baggage claim area – and instead of waiting at a queue for immigration I waited for my bag instead. Even though it is an international airport, Danang airport is not too big, so the wait for the bags was not too long.
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19. A very very very long train journey to the south


After my stay in Hoi An it was time to get to Ho Chi Minh. Instead of taking the easy way by plane I was lucky enough to get the last soft sleeper berth on the train leaving Danang at 01:30am. I took the last shuttle bus from Hoi An to Danang at 10pm. This minibus ride costs 200,000 Dong to the train station, and you get picked up from your hotel.
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