11. A real homestay in Phan Thiet

23.05. – 26.05.2016

After my brief stay in HCMC it was time to visit a new place in Vietnam – which I always find very exciting: Phan Thiet here I come. And it was not just  normal trip. I was invited to visit the family of my friend’s Thuy’s sister-in-law Thuy (2). So my first visit to someone’s family in Vietnam. Now that is even more exciting.
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3. Journey into the unknow – Cao Bang

08.05. – 09.05.2016

After a lovely few days in Hanoi it was time to start the adventure – heading to the far north-east to Cao Bang. I doubt there can be a bigger contrast between the tourist hotspot Hanoi and the capital of the remote Cao Bang province. I was excited.
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21. Visiting Ben Tre – or so I thought….

05/01 – 07/01

After my decision to change my itinerary back in Hoi An I had now more time available to explore the Mekong Delta. It also meant that I would come back to HCMC. I took full advantage of this fact and stored a few things at the hostel – no need to carry my new suit and painting and rain jacket with me.
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6. Crossing the border into Laos – again!!!


After two nights it was time to say goodbye to Thailand, and head into Laos. In the north the most popular border crossing is Chiang Khong – Huay Xai. I crossed that border two years ago – using a boat to get over the Mekong, which is the natural border in this area. It was straightforward, and no need for Tuk Tuks. Well, this has changed now. In 2013 the Friendship Bridge 4 has opened, which is a bit outisde of both Chiang Khong and Huay Xai.
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