Where: 97/5 Lê Quang Định, Phường 14, Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh

Type: Indoor / Outdoor Café

Offer: Drinks (coffee, juice) & Food

Price: $$

Juliet’s Garden is one of my first “regular” cafés since living in HCMC. It is centrally located in Binh Thanh, but in a small hem where you can enjoy peace and quiet from bustling Saigon. Thankfully there is a sign on the main road, otherwise you would might miss the turn.

Juliet’s Garden has a lovely outdoor section (though they can close the ceiling when it is raining), with a little pond in the centre of the café, with tables around it (on the side and back it is indoors). They have even some comfy seats in the back, where I have seen quite a few people sleeping during the day (nice lunch nap). During the day I actually prefer sitting in the covered area, while in the evening I prefer the part in front of the pond to enjoy some breeze.

They also have a A/C room next to the entrance – which can be very welcoming when it is too hot. On top of the room is a terrace with further seats. Overall I really love the setting (what can go wrong with open space, trees, plants and a pond???).

They have a quite good variety of coffee and juices. I actually like their coffee and I never had a bad smoothie or juice. They also serve food – dishes ranges from Com Tam to soup or noodle dishes. I only have eaten there once, and it was good.

During the weekend they have live music in the evening. It is more Vietnamese music, with piano or guitar, and usually very enjoyable. Do not expect rock music – which would be totally out of place here. Please note that they charge an additional 50.000 VND per person for the music, but I think it is worth the money.

Overall I love Juliet’s Garden. It has a lovely set-up with a nice relaxing atmosphere and I have never seen it too busy or too noisy. The prices for food and drinks are not as low as in other places, but I find it perfectly reasonable for this place. This is certainly a café that should be visited – and it is still one of my more regular and most favourite places.

Rating: 9/10
(First visited March 2018)