Where: 438 Phan Văn Trị, Phường 5, Gò Vấp, Hồ Chí Minh City

Type: Indoor / Outdoor Café

Offer: Drinks & Food

Price: $$

The is a large but lovely cafe on Phan Van Tri in Go Vap. It might be a bit off the beaten path for many, but it is certainly worth a visit.

The name of the cafe might give away the look of the cafe. Straight from the entrance you can see a lot of green from the trees and some little ponds. The first section is then an indoor section with wooden chairs and tables – some tables could provide space for a rather large group. After that indoor section you enter the upper outdoor section.

Actually, there are three outdoor section. The first one is on the same level as the indoor section and has some comfortable chairs. On the left hand side there are three tables where you can sit on a swing – yes, a swing.

The second section is overlooking the main section of the cafe – a huge garden with trees, ponds with fountains and to top it up some windmill decoration on the outer wall, which reminded me a lot of the Netherlands. And all around are colourful flowers. It might sounds a bit cheesy, but it looks lovely. On the ground garden level you also find a little playground for children. So it seems to be a nice place to head out there with the family.

At night the whole cafe is lid up with lots of lights. Again, such things could look a bit tacky, but I actually liked it. It adds up to the relaxing atmosphere.

They serve food and drinks there. The non-alcoholic Mojito was rather refreshing, maybe a little bit too minty. The mixed juice with orange, carrot and something else was ok – but not my cup of tea. They have a lot of other drink option. They also seem to offer food, though I have not try it yet.

Overall I really like this open style cafe with all the nature decoration. It offers a very relaxing and refreshing atmosphere. I only have been there at night, and I enjoyed the addition of lights. But I am sure this could be a nice place for a weekend afternoon – especially if you go there with kids as they can run around, spend time at the playground or near the fountain. So I would certainly recommend to head out to Go Vap to explore this lovely cafe.

Though one warning – it is near the airport, so you will hear some planes from this cafe. But to be honest, it did not disturb me.

Rating: 9/10
(First visited May 2019)