This café is next to the old Post office and opposite of the Notre Dame Cathedral. Due to its location it seems to target the tourist. High prices, poor service but great location

This cafe is in a small road between the Reunification Palace and Notre Dame Cathedral. Interesting decor and a good menu with drinks and cakes. Nice place in a central location

This beautiful place is actually a far east themed tea room rather than a cafe, located on the 7th floor in the famous old building on Nguyen Hue. Certainly worth a visit.

This cafe is in a small alley of Pasteur, located in a older building. The place itself is lovely, but it can be a bit dark. I prefer other cafes in District 1, but for the building a visit might be worth it.

This cafe is in a quiet street off Hoang Sa. It has a lovely decoration and relaxed atmosphere. They serve food from a restaurant next door with is a nice touch. However, the prices are rather too high for the sizes of the portion – there are many places out there offering better value for money.


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