Where: 2 Thanh Đa, Cư xá Thanh Đa, Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh

Type: Outdoor Café

Offer: Drinks (coffee, juice, fresh coconut)

Price: $

This charming café is located on the island of Thanh Da in Binh Thanh district, located along the river opposite of District 2.

After crossing the bridge turn right at the second corner (opposite of KFC) and follow the road to the end. The café is located to your left. You really cannot miss it at night due to the lovely set of lanterns along the entrance.

The highlight is certainly the lovely outdoor seating. They have recently finished some work and have seats along the river with a great view towards Landmark 81 and D2. The site at night is just stunning If you are lucky to have front row seats you can even rest your feet on the wall. And the lounger style chairs are also very comfortable

Behind there are seats in the little garden, they even have a little pond to sit next to it. There are some lanterns hanging around, adding to the very relaxing atmosphere the whole café offers. The music in the garden and inside area is very quiet, so you can actually have a conversation here with your company.

They offer the usual drinks for cafés here. The Lime juice was nice (not too sweet) and the fresh coconut is very tasty. It had some slight sweetness to it, which offered a great flavour. The tea served with the other drinks was very nice as well. The prices here are rather low – the lime juice is 25.000 and the fresh coconut is 35.000.

Overall this is a lovely place. Probably not the most convenient café to visit, but it is worth the little journey to Thanh Da Island (an area I really like anyway). The comfy chair, the view and the very relaxed atmosphere can make this a great choice if you want to visit it with your partner. I don’t know what it is like during the day, but I certainly enjoyed this pace. So I would highly recommend it.

Rating: 9/10
(First visited January 2019)