Where: Công xã Paris, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, Hồ Chí Minh City

Type: Indoor Café

Offer: Drinks & Food

Price: $$$

This cafe is located opposite of Notre Dame Cathedral and next to the old Post Office (hence the name!!!) in District 1, so very central in HCMC.

If you get a seat outside on the terrace you get treated with a lovely view of the church and a chance of people watching visiting the church and the old post office. So the location is actually very good.

The set up is very simple. Some tables outside on the terrace and then some tables inside the A/C room.

The prices here are a bit higher, a ca phe sua da is over 55.000 VND. So it is certainly not cheap, you clearly pay for the location, which is fair enough. Also, they had some special breakfast offers last time I have been there.

For me one big let down was the service. I was siting there for a while before getting the menu. One of the staff just looked at me and did not bring the menu or take my order. The same happened when asking for the bill.

Overall, you pay for the location. If you want to enjoy the view, then it is a place to go. But the price and service is a big let down.

Rating: 3/10
(First visited December 2018)