Minh Hoang Hotel

This larger hotel is located next to the river on Pho Thau Road, around 5 minutes walk from the bridge to the bus station. It seems to be one of the slighty bigger hotels in that area, aiming mainly for Vietnamese tourists ( as every hotel does in Cao Bang). My room was spacious and contained two beds, A/C. TV and even a mini fridge. It had a en-suite bathroom, however whe window in the bathroom is open, so best option is to keep the bathroom door closed to keep mosquitos out of your bed room. The bed was ok comfrotable wise.

The location is nice, with several palces to sit down for a beer ir ca fe sua overlooking the river. Around the corner on the main road you find more food palces and little cafes. So everything is in walking distance. The staff is average, I didn’t find them special or very helpful. One staff at the reception spoke a littke English. The inability to get a bike without leaving a passport is definetely a big negative for the hotel. It is an ok place to stay for 250.000 Dong, but there are better options in town.

Rating: 5/10

(Stayed here May 2016)

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Than Loan Hotel

This smaller looking hotel is on Vuon Cam near the market (turning right at the round about coming from the bus station), around 2 minutes walk from the bridge.The room is rather spacious, with one single and one double bed, a fridge, TV, A/C and a good size bathroom. The bathroom had a window towards the floor, but nobody could look inside or get into your room. I only saw Vietnamese guests at the hotel. Overall I was happy with the room for 250.000 Dong

The location is very good, close to some eateries and the local market. They will lock your bike inside their garage.

The staff is very friendly and helpful. The girl at reception helped me to get some items from the market for my bike, and gave some very good direction how to get to the Ha Giang province.

They work with the motorbike rental opposite the hotel. I checked the bike out during my first night in Cao Bang, so maybe dealing with them would make life much easier.

If I would return to Cao Bang, this is the place I would stay again. Good value for money.

Rating: 8/10

(Stayed here May 2016)

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