Me Linh Coffee Garden is one of the plantation that have a cafe and shop at their ground, around 20km west of Dalat along DT725. It is one of the more popular stops for tourists, for probably two reasons:

1) It has a great set up with a fantastic view from its cafe.

2) It sells Weasel coffee.

Yes, they have weasels there – the animals that eat coffee beans and when it comes out on the other side it becomes a delicacies. It is actually one of the most expensive coffees in the world. Not bad for drinks made out of animal’s poo!! Though the cages for the animals are not that big.

So here you can visit a normal coffee plantation and also the weasel in their cages that are probably too small. If you ask nicely one of the staff might show you around.

In the man building there is a cafe and a shop selling coffee, souvenirs etc. The highlight for me is the outdoor seating area, offering a great view over the plantation and the nearby lake. Sitting here, enjoying a lovely cup of coffee (normal or weasel) is a great way to start the journey through the central highlands.

I really liked this place, and while there are many other places to stop in this area, I would not hesitate to stop here. Prices are ok, set up is great, coffee is tasty,  the view is amazing and there was no pushy sales attempt. Highly recommended.