Khách Sạn Tiến Cường Hotel

The Khách Sạn Tiến Cường Hotel is located opposute the indoor amrket and the stadium. The reception is on the first floor, so you have to walk up the stairs first. If you arrive by motorbike the bike will be put inside, so no worries that the bike might get stolen.

It is the largest hotel in Meo Vac, and for 300.000 Dong you get a nice single room. The room had a decent size, with a surprisingly comfortable bed, mini fridge, TV and A/C. The en-suite toilet was a bit smaller, and the plumbing in the hotel is not best, as you can hear it from time to time.

Location wise it is very good, directly opposite the market. There are shops opposite of it, turning right you have a few stalls selling coffees and other drinks, and there are also plenty of food places. So it has a very good location.

The staff was ok, not as welcoming as in other places, but the one person who speaks English provides some advise if asked. Staying in a guesthouse is definitely more personal.

One surprising thing was that they didn’t ask for my passport. So I didn’t get the permit in Meo Vac, but no one checked for it. It was not an issue, as my guesthouse in Yenh Minh got one, And except of hotels no one checked my passport during the trip.

Overall the hotel was ok for two nights.

Rating: 6/10

(Stayed here May 2016)


Nha Nghi Linh Anh

This lovely guesthouse is on the main road leading to Yen Minh. It is a rather little guesthouse with 8 or 9 rooms on the first floor. Some of the rooms have no windows in the bedroom, but in the bathroom. So it is important to check what rooms are available.

The last two rooms at the ened of the floor have three beds, is very spacious and has a large bathroom. It also has a fridge, A/C, TV and fans. The bed are rather comfortable as an additional bonus.

Overall the rooms ar great value – though having a room with three beds might be a bit much, but it is very nice. And for a price of 250.000 you can argue with it.

Location is ok, a few minute walk fto the stadium, market and foodplaces.

Overall the hotel is great value for money, making it a nice ploace to stay here during a visit.

Rating: 8/10

(Stayed here May 2016)