Tri Ton is a town in the west of the Mekong Delta, close to the Cambodian border, south of Chau Doc and northwest of Can Tho. It is not a big town, and it is certainly not a popular place for tourists to stop there. They rather stay in Chau Doc or Can Tho. But this is maybe what makes this place so attractive.

It has a couple of hotels on the main road near the market. You also find quite a few local food places and cafes. Though I have not seen menus in English.

The most interesting sights in town are the large local market, a small Cao Dai temple and a larger Pagoda.

However, the real highlights are outside of the town. This includes various mountains like the nearby Nui Co To and Nui Cam, as well as the Ba Chuc Crypt. And the surrounding scenery is quite stunning – especially during the sunset. All of it makes Tri Ton a great base for this area.

With its local feel, welcoming locals, and rural non-touristy atmosphere, I really like Tri Ton. So, if you are exploring the area by yourself, Tri Ton should probably not be missed. It is the perfect place for an overnight stay for the Mekong Delta Border loop.


Arrival / Departure

From Tri Ton buses head to Chau Doc and Long Xuyen. I am not sure that there are direct buses to Can Tho.

If you get here by motorbike or car you could arrive from Chau Doc, Long Xuyen, Can Tho or the Cambodian Border.

From the North (Chau Doc): You will most likely arrive via DT948, and you get straight to one of the main road of Tri Ton. Turn left at the first big crossing and you get to the market and a few hotels.

From the East (Long Xuyen): You will use the DT941, which leads you directly to the market as well (this time from the south). On the road you will find several hotels.

From the South (Can Tho): You will most likely use DT943, passing Nui Co TO and arrive at the larger pagoda in Tri Ton. For the market turn right after the pagoda and at the end of the road is the market (and a few hotels)

From the West (Cambodian Border):  From the Cambodian Border turn off the QL80 onto Dien Bien Phu. Follow that road until Tri Ton and turn left into the Duong Nguyen Thi Minh Khai (first larger road in town),  leading to the market area.


Accommodation in Tri Ton

Tri Ton is not a tourist hub, so there are only a few hotels in town. On DT941, the road where the main market is, you can find two hotels opposite of each other. I am not sure if there are more hotels on the other main road.

Here is an review of Nha Nghi Tu Trinh, where I stayed.


Food & Drinks in Tri Ton

Along the DT941 are a few food places – all serving traditional Vietnamese dishes. Some are specialised on specific dishes, but i passed one or two rather large food places with a nice set-up.

I had dinner at Bao Yen on the other side of the market. It is a standard food place you find everywhere in Vietnam with the plastic chairs and tables. They have a large menu, but as the staff seemed to be a bit worried, they served us grilled chicken and fried beef. Both dishes were very nice. This is a nice enough place for dinner.

For breakfast or lunch, I would highly recommend to head to the market. There are a number of stalls serving small dishes throughout the indoor and outdoor area. But there is also a food court serving soups, Banh Mi etc. and drinks. This is where you can experience the real Vietnam. Enjoying traditional food like a delicious Bun Bo Vien (a noodle soup with little meat balls) while watching the locals doing their normal daily activities. You will not find a better place to have breakfast in Tri Ton.

Along the same street you will also find a few cafes, where you can enjoy a drink until late (11pm). I enjoyed my ca phe sua da at Saigon Cafe, with its open court set up.


What to do in Tri Ton

Tri Ton itself has only a few attractions.

There is a little Cao Dai temple next to the market. You can enter it during the day and check out the interesting decoration of the temple. If you have never seen a Cao Dai temple this is certainly something you should visit. It is a rather intriguing religion.

There is also a larger pagoda at the southern entrance of Tri Ton. It looks nice; however, I did not visit it.

My favourite place in Tri Ton was the local market. It is a great way to observe and experience the real of Vietnam. Like other markets it is worth a visit.

Most highlights are, however, located outside of Tri Ton.

A short ride south of Tri Ton on DT943 is Nui Co To, where you can drive to the top of the “mountain”.

North of Tri Ton is one of the most popular destinations in the area – Nui Cam. This is one of the larger mountains and from the cable car that brings you to the top of the mountain, you have a great view of the surrounding area. On top you can visit some temples and a lake. It is a beautiful place to visit. Here are more details.

For those interested in history a visit to Ba Chuc, southeast from Tri Ton, is a must-do. In 1978 Ba Chuc was the place for a massacre committed by the Khmer Rouge. Over 3.000 civilians were slaughtered. Today a small memorial reminds of this terrible crime. This should not be missed. Click here for more details.