The Mekong Delta is certainly one of the highlights in southern Vietnam. A trip to this area is often in the itinerary during a visit to Vietnam. Unfortunately, as I would say, many visitors only stay for a couple of days, covering the main tourists centres like Can Tho, My Tho or Ben Tre. While these places are very interesting (and I love Can Tho), the Mekong Delta has much more to offer. And for me the best way to explore the area is by motorbike. One very interesting tour is a tour from HCMC to the border of Cambodia and back to HCMC. This trip provides the opportunity to see the typical sights of the Delta including green and golden rice fields, streams, rivers etc, some of the tourists centers like Can Tho and also the rare sight of hills and mountains – that look rather spectacular with the very flat surrounding of the Delta.

Length of the highlighted route: 800km

Scenery & Sites: Rice fields, rivers, streams, villages, markets, pagodas, hills, limited wildlife, historic sites


Unfortunately Google Map does not recognise one ferry crossing, so it means I have include two separate maps.

This proposed trip covers around 800km including detours to avoid the main roads (which I recommend). If you take the direct routes to the various places the trip could be reduced quite a bit.

For this trip I would suggest 1 day for each section, so a total of 5 days. It might sound a lot, but some of the raods are not in great condition and riding 150km here can take a bit longer. Also, consider adding one or two days to spend some time in one or two places. Can Tho is certainly a place worth two nights to be able to explore the floating market for example. Obviously the more time you have, the more you can experience this beautiful area – as it has a lot to offer.


  • If you have the time do this loop in 6 days. This way you can do the loop without rushing and enjoying the beautiful scenery the area has to offer.
  • While the distances do not look long, try not to leave too late, otherwise some of the parts feel rushed
  • Road conditions vary, from some nice roads to roads filled with potholes to dirt roads. Consider this when planning the trip for daily distances and weather
  • You will have no problems finding accommodation in the region
  • Food places and cafes are around most corners, offering a god variety of local food.
  • Finally – take your time. Some sections of the journey were so beautiful, you have to sit down and really appreciate it in my opinion. So do not try to rush the journey.
  • For my personal experience of the loop visit my blog entry from Nov. 2018