Nui Ba The is a mountain next to the little town of Oc Eo in the Mekong Delta.  With its 220m it is a not a big mountain. But located in the very flat region the Mekong Delta it is certainly very visible from some distance. Some might say impressive.

You will first arrive in Oc Eo, either from one of the little side roads or DT943. The road in the town is a bit like a maze, with streets going around the hill. Follow the road that will lead to the north of the mountain. Near a pagoda you will find a little road leading up the hill. The road there is actually pleasant, not big but providing a lot of shade thanks to the trees. There is only one way, so you cannot get lost – well, until halfway through. You just follow the road – do not turn left. After the crossing you will have the first glimpse over the surrounding area. But it will get better.

After a short while there is a little place where you could stop and have a drink, but the view is just average. It would be ok for a coffee, but for a better view continue to the top would.


Overlooking the Mekong Delta

On the top of Nui Ba The is a little pagoda. Two set of stairs are leading up to the pagoda, do not stop at the first stairs. Continue until you see a bit of more even space where you can park your bike. Here are some boulders you can walk around and stretch your legs. This is also the perfect place to sit down and just enjoy this stunning view over the Mekong Delta.

Thanks to the flat surrounding you can see for miles rice paddies, streams, villages and even some other mountains. It is one view you will hardly forget.

You can also walk up the stairs to the little pagoda. From here you can get a view of the other sides. More mountains, more rice fields, views towards Cambodia. It is just stunningly beautiful.


Overall, it is very easy to get to the top of the Bui Ba The. And for that view even a more difficult ascend would be worth it. This place should not be missed when in the area.