Luang Prabang: Places to Drinks 1/2

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Here is a list of places for drinks during the day


Mekong Riverview Hotel

The Mekong Riverviewview Hotel has a outdoor cafe / restaurant on the top of the peninsular, providing a great view of the spot where the Nam Khan river merges into the Mekong. It is a more of an upscale cafe, and the prices are higher. But for a view and the good ice coffee and juice it is a nice place to visit. The food looks nice as well. Apparently you can get good dinner here as well. But for me it is a great place for a little break during the day or for an afternoon coffee.

(Visited November 2014)



Opposite the Mekong Riverside Hotel, crossing the Nam Khan river via a bamboo bridge during the dry season is a little viewpoint overlooking the Mekong River, This is a great place for watching the sunset. A family of three – Air, Mei and their daughter Lena – are providing seating opportuitites and selling cold drinks. You should probably come here for the sunset, but the highlight are these three wonderful people. Mei is teaching herself English, and is always happy to practise. And Lena is smiling the whole time when seeing new guests arriving. So you can easily spend hours here chatting to them while aving beer, water or some sweets. I spent so many afternoons here, and can only recommend trying to meet them.

(Visited November 2014)


Thaheuame Restaurant

This restaurant is located next to the Mekong, on the corner of Khem Kong and Kitsalat Road. There are a few tables offering a great view over the Mekong, and you can get in my opinion the best ice coffee in LP. Sitting here durng the day was one of my favourite activities.

(Visited November 2014)


Places along the Mekong

Along Khem Kong, the street that follows the Mekong, you will find more places to have a nice drink during the day or late afternoon. It is worthwhile to come here to watch the sunset. The further you head off from the old Town the better views of the sun set. Sitting in one of the places having a beer and maybe Mekong Sea Weed is something to be done at least once.

(Visited October 2012 & November 2014)


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