At the top of the peninsular of the Old Town across the Nam Khan river is a little viewpoint offering a great place to enjoy the beautiful scenery and stunning sunsets.

At the corner of the Mekong and Nam Khan river a family of three has set up little benches and tables to be able to sit down, relax and having a drink. Father Air, mother Mai and little daughter Lena are always providing a warm welcome tourists either coming here for the sunset, or just passing by on the way to the weaving village. Mai has taught herself some English, and is always happy tompractise it, while Lena is always smiling and waving at all is a great place to sit down and having a chat, learning more about life in Laos. These three make sure you have a great stay there.

The view over the Mekong provides a nice distraction, and you get a great view of the sunset without any big crowds. Definetely worth a visit.