Laos, one of the last communist countries, is probably the least developed country for tourists in SEA – and this is a reason why it is a great place to visit as it is not overrun by tourists. Landlocked between Thailand, China, Vietnam, and Cambodia it cannot offer any beaches, but instead offers some spectacular scenery and a lot of outdoor activities like trekking, kayaking, or even exploring many caves. It also has some interesting historic sites. Like its neighbour still has signs of its past as a French colony, both in architecture and food. Unfortunately, it still has proof of the sad history with the illegal war from the US against the Vietcong – resulting in more bombs dropped over Laos per citizen than in Europe during World War II – even though the US never declared war against Laos.

The highlights of Laos are Luang Prabang, The Plain of Jars,  Vang Vieng, Vientiane, the Kong Lo Cave, and the 4000 islands. But there are so many more places that deserve a visit.

It is one of my favourite countries in the world – probably because the locals are some of the friendliest and most welcoming people I have ever met.  Unfortunately too often people rush through it, but the country deserves more than just a week – otherwise, you will not experience the magic of this country.

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