Binh An Motel

This guesthouse is on the main road of Dong Van near the Old Town, on the right hand side when coming from the north.

The reception is in the typical large entry rooms, where the bikes will be parked overnight as well.

They offer a number of different rooms, from large 3 bed rooms to doubkle and single bedrooms. We negotiated the price a bit, and the triple rooms were 250.000 Dong and the single room 200.000. Rooms are basiuc, and the single room has a double bed and space for bags, as well as a bathroom. It is very basic, but has TV and A/C. The single room however is next to the stairs, so you might hear people walking up and down the stairs.

The tripple room is large enough for three beds, but other ise has the same facilities like the single room.

The daughter of the family speaks a little English, and the owners are in geenral very  friendly. You might witness some entertaininment when a little child sits in a remote controlled car driving through the entrance hall.

The guesthouse is in walking distances of the Old Town, food places and cafes. So it offers a very good location.

For the price it is not a bad place to stay, though for 50.000 or 100.000 Dong you might get a nice room in some of the other guesthouses. But for 200.000 Dong it is certainly good value for money.

Rating: 7/10

(Stayed here May 2016)