In addition of all the war related sites the Van Son Pagoda near Con Son Town is also an interesting place to visit. It is a rather small pagoda, but being built on a hill it offers a great view over the southern part of the island. The view alone is worth a short trip.

By motorbike head out of Con Son Town taking the coastal road to the west. After leaving the town turn right at the second road (the first one leads to the Lotus lake). You can see the pagoda in front of you. There is then a little path on your left (it is a sharp turn) heading up the hill. Follow that path and you will arrive at a little parking lot. By bike it will take 5 minutes from Con Son town, if you walk it can take between 15 and 20 minutes.

Climbing some stairs you arrive at the main building of the pagoda, located slightly away from the edge. There are several doors at the frond leading to the beautiful inside with wooden pillars and a little shrine. It is a rather beautiful setting. There are some benches around the building offering a chance to rest your feet.

In front of the pagoda is a platform with a white statue and a pavilion and more stairs that lead down the hill. From this platform (as well the next to the main building) you will have a wonderful view over the island. The contrast between the blue of the sea, the white beaches and the green jungle is just stunning, and you can get easily lost here with such view.

One interesting place here is behind the pagoda. Some stairs lead further up the hill to a little platform, with some plants around. On these plants visitors have scribbled messages on it. I am not sure what the reason for this is, but is an interesting little aspect of this small, but beautiful spot.

Even if you are templed out, you should visit Van Son Pagoda – even if it is for the view alone.

Just as a reminder – this is still a temple, So please wear appropriate cloth (knees and shoulders should be covered – and no bikinis or speedos).