Thu Ba

This popular restaurant is located north of the market area on Vo Thj Sau. It has a slightly more Western setting and is inside a colonial building.  The setting inside was one of the nicest I have seen. It all looked clean as well. Like most places they offer a variety of seafood and fish and the prans and squid dishes were very good. The prices are good as  well. I highly recommend a vist to Thu Ba.

Thu Tam

This restaurant is on the western skirts of Con Son along Nguyen Duc Thuan. It has a more typical setting for Vietnamese restaurant, with no walls on eihter side and a large setting of tables. It is popular with large Vietnamese groups. You can even see water tanks with the fish on the menu. The food – fish & seafood – is good here. Unfortunately, a few days after my visit a couple I met here saw little turtles in one of the tanks, and they were offered by the restaurant. This is actually against the law even in Vietnam, and tourists should not support such business. So please avoid this restraurant completly.

Food court at the Market

At the market in the middle of town there is a little court next to the road with a number of various food stalls. The Banh Mi stall at the entrance from the street offers delicious Banh Mi. A good option if you need a takeaway. Next to the side entrance is also a nice stall serving nice Bun Cha. So for breakfast or early lunch visitng the food court is a very good and cheap option.


Little food places near the market

Along Pham Van Dong (where the market is) you can find some little local food palces where you can get some lovely pho or other local dishes. There are nice places where you can sit with the loclas, or see the kids of the owners running around you. If you only need a simple dish, then visit one of these places.


Dam Trau Beach restuarants

At Dam Trau beach you can find several restaurants. They all offer loungers, hammocks and plastic chairs and direct access to the beach. They all offer similar menus. I stayed at the second from the left, and got 1kg of freshly prepared crab for just 350.000 Dong – and it tasted delicious. So if you need a beach with great food, I would recommend a visit to one of these food places.

Street food stalls on Tran Huy Lieu

Along Tran Huy Lieu you can find quite a few street food stalls at night. Here you can see fish and seafood (mussles, snails,prawns etc) on offer, that will be freshly prepared. I didn’t had a chance to eat there, but it looked like a nice relaxed area to have dinner.

Cafe 102

At the corner of Nguyen Duc Thuan and Vo Thj Sau is the Cafe 102, near the petrol station. This little charming place offers some seats in a small court yard and is a great place for either a ca fe sua da, or even better, some freshly prepared shakes (the papaya and mango shakes are one of the best I ever had). It has a relaxed atmosphere in the evening. I would recommend to visit the place.


Con Son Cafe

Opposite the pier at the waterfront of Con Son Town is the beautiful Con Son Cafe, inside an old Colonial building with plenty of outdoor seating, where a tree provides some welcoming shade. Next to the cafe is even a swing, that is very popular with the local kids in the afternoon. While the prices here are slightly higher (still not expensive), it offers a nice view over beach area.  A great location for an afternoon coffee.

Thuy Truc

North of Con Son Town on Vo Thj Sau is a little cafe on your right before crossing a bridge. It is a lovely place with a nice outdoor seatings. The view across the road, overlooking a little lake, is beautiful. It was actually ok to bring my Banh Mi from the market here ot have it with a lovely fresh ca fe sua da. A nice place to stop by.