In addition of an impressive beautiful coat line Con Son also has a beautiful national park in the northern area, covering several small hills and jungle – offering some interesting hikes. So if you want to stretch your legs after some beach time, you can find several options here.

Along the northern road of Con Son, Huynh Thuc Khang, you can find several small path leading up the hills you could easily explore.

Another alternative is taking up he little road into the hills on your right when coming von Vho Thj Sau, which will lead you through the jungle and to the Bai Ung Dung Beach. Here are several paths leading north to the beach and south to the hills, some of them in good condition. They invite for a nice stroll, trees providing some shade, though it can be very humid. If you are lucky you can spot some wildlife, like lizards, snails and if you are lucky, the native black squirrel.  In some areas you might even find some signs with further information about the jungle.

Those who require a more challenging hike could attempt to head up Than Gia Mountain, the highest peak of the island with 577 metre. However, some treks in the area up to the hill might require a guide, as not all path area clearly marked.

In addition of the guest houses you can get information about the different hikes (including maps) and a guide at the National park Office. Unfortunately it is not easy to find. From Con Son Town head out Vho Thj Sau and pass Thuy Tuc cafe, After you pass the lake on your left there is a little path to your left, whcih leads to the National Park office. Come here if you need more information.