All Vasco Air flights arrive at the little airport of Con Son. Try to be awake when landing, as the airport is next to the sea, and the landing approach is directly over one of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

The airport is very small, and it doesn’t take long to get your luggage. Unfortunately, there are no buses on the island. So you can either use one of the hotel shuttles or taxis.

The shuttles are provided by some hotels and you can check if they have a seat free to get you into town. The price should be around 50.000 Dong.

The usual fare for a taxi to Con Son Town should be 200.000 Dong. Please note that there are no Mailinh or Vinasun taxis, so you have to take the local ones. Don’t be surprised if a local get a lift with the taxi. It is no scam, but a nice way for a local to get a ride while the taxi is already paid…

The journey from the north-east of the island to Con Son Town in the middle of the island takes around 30 minutes, and it is a nice ride along the coast to get a first impression of the beautiful island.

For the return journey your accommodation might be able to arrange a transfer to the airport via one of the shuttle buses for 50.000 Dong.