There is no shortage of rooms on the island, however there are not many large resorts or hotels with beach front. The most expensive and most luxurious option is the Six Senses resort located between the airport and Con Son Town. It has its own beach section and a remote feel. But it all comes with a very high price.

In Con Son Town there are some hotels with pools opposite the main beach of the town. One of the more well-known accommodation is Con Dao Camping, which has several bungalows directly on the beach and is located on the western part of town.

Near Con Dao Camping are some smaller guesthouses, offering cheaper rooms. I stayed at Con Son Island Guesthouse, which is a nice place. Here is my review.

While the quality of rooms is not bad, most offer no luxurious facilities (except of the Six Senses) – most guesthouses cater for Vietnamese tourists and not Western tourists.