Bai Chong Beach Camping

The most unusual option for an overnight stay is camping at the beach – and it usual offered as part of the 2 day dive trip.

I stayed in a little one man tent that was put up by the food place on the far left side. Inside is a mat and sleeping bag and the tent has a mosquito net so you can keep it open while you sleep. So the perspective of sleeping at the beach, hearing the waves from the sea and having the sky full of stars above it is great. Unfortunately this changes in July or August, as it gets very hot – too hot. The air inside the tents was not moving, and I was hardly able to sleep at all. So some of the group I stayed with decided to sleep outside the tent on a lounger. With the mosquitos and other insects this might be not the best idea though. But staying in the tent meant having not a good night sleep.

While sleeping is not great, being able to stay at the beach till late in the night is great. From the beach you can see the lights from all the fishing boats away from the shore  as well as the stars. After it gets dark a bonfire was lid, which added to the relaxed atmosphere. This was certainly a good thing.

Overall, it can be a nice option when it is not too hot, especially as the beach is lovely. But I would not do that in July or August – as then you will not get a lot of sleep thanks to the heat.

Rating: 4/10

(stayed here in July 2015)