32. Finding my island paradise – Koh Phayam

30/01 – 08/01

After over 2 month I was back in Thailand. The next destination for me was Koh Phayam, an island apparently not totally overrun by tourists, not having big resorts and having a very laid back atmosphere. I also got a beach bungalow for 600 Bhat per night. it sounded too good to be true – was this really a little paradise?
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30. Kon Tum – a worthy end for my Vietnam Trip

26/01 – 29/01

After a enjoyable 4 ride through the Central Highlands we arrived in Kon Tum. Finally. Kon Tum was always on my itinerary, but after changing my mind about Cambodia I didn’t head here before New Year. Overall, it was not a bad thing as the weather now was lovely.
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28. A wedding crasher in Dalat

19/01 – 23/01

After seeing the north of Vietnam, the central part, the south and an island I was now in another part of Vietnam – the central highlands. I always planned to visit the area, but the initial plan was just to head to Kon Tum after Christmas. After re-arranging the order of my journey I finally made it there – just it was Dalat and not Kon Tum.
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26. Phu Quoc: the beach, blue ocean and bad scallops

13/01 – 18/01

After a the rather rough ferry ride I was finally on Phu Quoc island. Initially I was planning staying in a homestay in the middle of the island, but changed my mind and though if I am on an island, I really should stay near the beach.
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24. Can Tho: floating markets, snakes – and a beach

11/01 – 12/01

After the rather interesting experience drinking rice wine with the locals I suffered slightly in the morning. As part of the trip arranged with Phat was a boat trip to the floating markets near Can Tho, so getting ready for 6am with a bad hangover wasn’t easy.
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