One thing I absolutely love about Saigon – the seeming endless choices of cafés through the city. I doubt there is any street in Saigon without at least one café.

This reflects the fascinating coffee culture you can find throughout Vietnam, and I take full advantage of it by exploring new cafes on a nearly weekly basis. It is just great to spend your Saturday or Sunday morning enjoying a ca phe su da while relaxing, maybe checking emails and if you are very unlucky – doing some work.

I have visited quite a cafes so far throughout Saigon, and decided it would be good to share some of my experience. I have sorted the cafes by districts (as below), so you can find a recommendation based on your location.

I also try to advise the price range, and use the prices for the ca phe su da as an indication. I understand that prices for food and other drinks vary quite a bit, but it is just an indicator.

$: < 25.000 VND

$$: < 55.000 VND

$$$: > 55.000 VND

This is a work in progress, so I continue to add new places and districts in the future. I am also happy to receive feedback or even recommendations for new places I should check out. So please use the comment section below.

District 1

District 2

District 3

Binh Tanh

Go Vap

Phu Nhuan