While for longer treks in the area it is recommended contacting an agency or your accommodation, you can easily go for a little stroll to explore the surrounding of the area – for example to see another waterfall.

Start from the bridge next to the Tad lane falls that crosses the river to the Saise resort, and head up the little hill towards the falls. The path will lead to the Tad Lo lodge. if you walk there in the afternoon you might see the elephants belonging to the resort taking a bath, before they get to their resting place for the night on a large open fields, chained to the trees. No one stopped me crossing the resort, and it gives you a little expression about the bungalows on offer.

Off the resort turn right and follow the main road. You can also get there by following the main road out of the village.

The walk on the road offers some nice views, but both sides are mainly covered by trees. Before you reach the next village turn right onto a dirt road. If you go there late afternoon (which I would recommend) you see all the kids from the nearby villages on that road, playing football, cycling, or just heading to the waterfall. At the end of the road you arrive at a little stream. Turn right here and find a way to the waterfall a few minutes north. This fall is larger than Tad Lo, but not as impressive as the other ones you have seen. The highlight is to watch the locals. Kids are throwing inflatable tubes down the fall, and then bravely follow them by jumping down the falls. it is impressive, and fun to watch.

Other locals gor for a swim, or do their laundry. For me this spot was one of the best I have seen to witness the typical afternoon routine of the locals in rural Laos. For this experience alone it is worth to do the little walk. As there are no other foreigners you shouldn’t be surprised if you are challenged to jump down as well, or to play a bit football. Just an amazing experience.

From there you can either head back to Tad Lo, or  continue following the main road further south.