While Tad Fane has its own resort, Tad Yuang is maybe the waterfall most set up for tourists in this part – even though its size is not comparable to Tad Fane.

The turn off from Road 16 is at the 40km mark, turning right into a dirt road. Do not worry – you won’t be able to miss the turn thanks to the massive sign. You have to follow the road for a few km into the real rural area. Careful though, thanks to the gravel you can easily fall (I speak from own experience!!!). Before the entrance you find a parking lot for bikes. And you can also find a food place with clean toilets, and a little cafe. The cafe actually sells fresh coffee, including ice coffee with the sweet condensed milk. It is nice to sit here for a drink (I think my addiction to the Asian ice coffee started here).

Post the entrance booth you arrive on a large square, with a number of stalls selling all kind of souvenirs (the ones seemingly every shop in Laos is selling) as well as cold drinks.

Cross the square and you reach the top of the Tad Yuang waterfall. You can either turn left to walk around towards the edge of the falls – which can be very nice. Even the cattle there enjoys it. You can get a nice view from this point. There is also a path leading away from the falls for a little walk. Not sure how far you can get there.

To get down to the pool stay on the path from the square and go down the stair case. Careful – it is slippery and a fallen tree could block your path. The stairs lead you kind of viewing platform to enjoy the fall. Yes – Tad Yuang is not as impressive or big as Tad Fane, but it is still a beautiful one. From the viewing platform you get, well obviously, a good view. From here you can continue following the stairs to get down to the pool for a little swim.

Even though it has the largest tourist set up, Tad Yuang is actually a nice fall with the chance for another refreshing swim in the pool. The stalls also offer enough chances for some drinks. A visit to the little cafe might be worthwhile.

(Visited November 2013)