Tad Fan is maybe one of the most well-known waterfall of the Bolaven Plateau. Located on the 38km mark from Pakse turn right and follow the dirt road (you cannot miss the big sign for it). At the end if the road you find a car park with an area for bikes. Do not be surprised if you see a few minibuses, as it is a popular stop for the day trips from Pakse.

From the car park follow the path and you arrive at the entrance of the Tad Fane resort. From here you can either enjoy the view of the waterfall from the restaurant, or the viewing platform. From either places you get a fantastic view of a very impressive waterfall.

In a valley that looks a bit like a crate and covered in trees the water comes out crushing down the valley from two falls (twin falls) out of nowhere – it just appears between the trees. Not even from the viewing point that is on the edge of the valley opposite the falls can you spot the pool – the falls are over 100m down. It is big. And beautiful. And impressive.

You can reach the bottom of the falls by hiking down a trail – which should take between 30 and 60 minutes. The resort offers a guide leading you down the pool – I didn’t do the trek though.

The viewing platform is the best spot to full enjoy the view, but the restaurant is a good place as well. Actually, it is a great place for lunch – the food served here is not bad. A good alternative if you do not prefer a picnic at Tad Champee.

The resort looks actually like a nice place for a night or two – the sound of the falls must be nice at night when you can hardly see the fall. I do not know what the price per room / bungalow is though.

Tad Fane should surely be on the list when heading out to the Bolaven Plateau.

(Visited November 2013)