Food, sights & people – exploring South East Asia

After several short trips to SEA, I had the chance to travel for 3 months, and it was easy to decide where I will head again. So for three month I am now travelling through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. As it is a longer trip, I will try to write about my experience – to share with friends and family, but also a chance for me to revisit the trip over and over again.

Disclaimer: If you don’t like my writing, no one forces you to read it… And if you find any incorrect spelling or a grammatical error, you can keep it!!!


Exploring Vietnam Part Deux

After my great experience in Vietnam in December and January I was able to return there six month after leaving the country. I couldn’t resist to head back to see new places (which I did), meeting more of these wonderful people (Id di this too), eating more of the delicious food (I found more and more great dishes) – and catching up friends I made during my last trip.

There was a little change for this time – I added an activity I wanted to do a bit during my trip, scuba diving. It was exciting to do something new during a return trip. And I can only say, this trip was once again amazing, I had a perfect time.