Khieu Than Nguyet

This guesthouse near the Ban Gioc waterfall (after passing the nearby village and before the waterfall, located in a small hamlet on the right side of the road. The building is clerly visible from the road, with a sign on top of the building.

The room was spacious, with two comfortable double beds, A/C, TV, fridge and en-suite bathroom. From the little windows you got a nice view of the rural area. Everything in the room looked very clean.The family running the guesthouse was very friendlythough they hardly speak any Enlgish. I was lucky that a guide stayed a the hotel to translate. The price of 250.000 Dong was very good value.

Another highlight is the location – it is in middle of a little rural hamlet of a dozen houses or so. It is very nice to walk around, and te locals are very friendly, waving whenever they saw me. There are two little shops to get something to drink. The view around the hotel was just great.

In addition of the falls the guesthouse is also on the road leading to Động Ngườm Ngao cave. Follow the dirt road and you will end up at the cave.

The only disadatvantage is that I didn’t see any food places around. So you might need to ride to the village for dinner. I was lucky that there was a family on a guided tour was staying there at the same time – and I joined them for some home made dinner by the owner of the guesthouse. And the food was delcisious. But I assume they only do this with these kind of small groups coming with a guide.

Overall it is a lovely place to stay and a great way to enjoy a bit of rural life.

Rating: 8/10

(Stayed here May 2016)

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