Heidelberg III – Visiting the past


After a rather exhausting day taking advantage of my legs it was rather challenging getting out of bed. Well – I somehow managed to get up, pack my bag, check out of the lovely hotel and use the storage room to leave my bag there for the day. And I was out to walk to the Old Town again at 10:30. For me this is a big success on a Sunday morning….
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Vietnam: Tourists Scams

Going through forums, listening to travellers or reading articles you cannot help yourself but thinking that Vietnam must be the scam capital of SEA. I must admit, this reputation affected my decision to visit Vietnam. So is it true, are there scams in Vietnam? Yes, no doubt about it. Will tourist experience some kind of hassle when travelling through Vietnam? Yes, in the touristic places. Is it as bad as I thought? That is a big no.
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