Manychan Guesthouse

One of the larger guesthouse located next to the main street opposite the night market. En-suite rooms look a bit dated but they are rather spacious. Bed was ok.

Service was indifferent at the beginning, but staying there for three nights I got to know the staff a little bit, and the service got better every day. They also offer laundry service.

Food and drinks are good, and a nice place to spend the afternoon to watch people passing.

Overall not a bad choice for the price, and would stay there again..

Rating: 6/10

(stayed here October 2012)


Zuela Guesthouse

The Zuela Guesthouse is located in a little alley off the main road, near the night market. Highly rated on several booking site.

The building is an old wooden house that offers some charm – and overall the guesthouse has a much nicer feel to it like Manychan. You actually have to take your shoes off when entering the building.

The rooms looked very nice and the bed is comfortable.  However, the wooden floor in the hallway is making a cracking noise whenever someone passes your room. Walls are very thin, and heard quite a bit noise form the outside. The walls also had some holes were mosquitos could come into your room.

So overall I didn’t slept so well in here as I did in the Manychan guesthouse. But I must admit the Zuela guesthouse offers more charm, though it was more expensive as well.

Rating 6/10

(stayed here October 2012)