Welcome to my travel blog. Here I want to share my experience of my independent travelling – the places I have visited, the people I met and the food I tried.

It is a free source of information about travelling independently without the need of travel agencies. It offers a range of detailed reports of the places I have visited including details of hotels and places to see, as well as some general advise about travelling.  I have also rated the accommodation I stayed (out of 10 points).

My personal rating takes into consideration quality of the room but also value for money. I could rate a basic bungalow with 10/10, but a luxurious hotel only 1/10 as the service though higher was poor in relation of the price.

In addition, I also provide links to agencies and guides I used. I have not received anything for recommendations except of good or bad services. But I just like to share the contact details so others can have the same great experience I had.

The blog section is probably different to other blogs. It is not down to just basic information – it is much more detailed. I rather try to tell a story about my experience, what makes the various stops so special. Some might think it is too long, but I prefer it this way. If you are just after  basic information the options “Places”, “Activities” and “information” are the best places for you.

Finally, the website covers my experience in SEA since 2011. So, prices I have listed might have changes, and there might be new services available in some places (like in Muang Ngoi). I will update the site when receiving suggestions or advice. So please take some information like prices as initial guideline.


Work in Progress and Social Media

Also, you might have seen that not every site has content yet, or that descriptions are missing. No worries, I am not that old and forget things, it is just that the website is still Work in Process (or WIP). I will continue working on this site.

I hope you find the website of some use – and I am happy to receive any feedback on the website or via email. You can also access the Facebook page I created for this site: https://www.facebook.com/solotravellerontour


Now to some required legal disclaimer:

This is my personal website to share information about travelling. And except the comment section the content represents my personal views. And not the opinion of my employee, clubs, friends, family, GP, travel agent, my next-door neighbour…or even your next-door neighbour. But don’t be surprised if I change my mind about some areas, or update parts of the site. I am not going through the world with closed eyes. There is also the unlikely chances that I realised that one of my views and opinions were wrong. But I am never intending to insult anyone’s religion, political perspective, or conspiracy theories at any point.

In nowadays fast-moving society things do change – especially in travelling. Therefore, the information are guidelines and not written in stones. So please do not only use the information from this site. For example, I cannot be held responsible if you miss a boat ride because a river or lake disappeared.

I will hold no responsibility or liability about the comment section. But I will remove any posts that are deemed as racist, insulting or as adverts for useless products and services. They will not reflect the view of the website and myself.

I am the intellectual property owner of the content and pictures on this website unless otherwise stated. None of the content or images on this website can be used without my permission. If you want to use content, please contact me first.