My name is Stefan and I am a keen independent solo traveller – with my favourite area being SEA. I started quite late travelling with my backpack – I was 32 when I headed to Cambodia for my first backpacking trip in 2011, and never looked back. Now I take any chance I have to head back to see more of the beautiful countries.

I absolute dislike organised tours, and I love organising everything for my trip. For me doing the research and planning the itinerary is part of the fun of travelling.

My preferred style is travelling slowly – taking it easy and trying to experience a place, and not just ticking a box. I usual stay in simple local guesthouses and enjoying the local food places. No need for posh hotels and restaurants serving food I can get back home.  While I like seeing some important sites in countries, I am more interested in rural areas and places off the tourist trails. I prefer travelling overland over flying, especially when there is a chance exploring the countryside on the back of a motorbike, mainly riding as passenger. There is no better way for me to see rural areas. I also love photography – I am just an amateur, but I still loving taking pictures of the country, the food and the people that make a trip so special. And recently I discovered another activity that I can use while travelling – scuba diving. Combining everything makes a perfect trip for me.

However, in the end travelling is more than just seeing sites for me, it can help growing as a person. Hence the most important things for me when travelling are:

Take your time – learn about cultures – meet locals –  enjoy local food – appreciate the experience

Me with two of my favourite things: ca fe sua da and a hammock