Serenety Hotel

This little hotel is located on the west side of the Old Quarter on Cua Dong, just a minute away from the railway track that represents the border of the Old Quarter. The room was spacious and clean with a nice en-suite bathroom. It ha A/C, a fridge and a TV, and the usual WiFi. The stairs are steep and there was no lift. I enjoyed the view out of my room – overlooking the raod with the shops and food places.

They offer free breakfast, which was good (except of the soup – much better outside). The location is not bad, as it is walking distance to all attraction within the Old Quarter, and the citadell and the military museum is not too far either. There are also some nice little food places around. The bia hoi places and bars are 10 minutes away, so still ok. However, I now prefer being closer inside the Old Quarter, so this is not the best location if you like staying out for a few beer. The east side of the Old Quarter might be the better option.

The staff was very friendly. At night there is always someone sleeping in the reception area, and if you arrive late (either from a few beer or from the bus station) they let you in. Overall they were very helpful and nice.

For a price of $18 per night (inlcuding the 25% discount due to a 4 night stay it was good value for money.

Contact: Serenity Hotel

UPDATE: It seems the hotel got a liftover based on their website – and this is reflected on their prices. Based on their location and the new prices I would not stay there again.

Rating: 7/10 (based on old prices)

(Stayed here December 2014)

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Hanoi Guesthouse

The Hanoi Guesthouse is a great place to stay in the Old Quarter. The location of it on Ma May next to Heritage House is perfect – close to some great food places, the bia hoi corner and the Hoam Kiem Lake. I am not sure I would like to stay anywhere else than the Ma May area. The superior single room is not the biggest room, but big enough for a sinlge person. It is clean with a comfortable bed, A/C, TV, mini fridge and a good size bathroom. Here it was even possible to have a shower without flooing the whole bathroom. WiFi connection was good.

Breakfast is included, but except of some fruit and juice I never ate there.

The staff of the hotel is wonderful. The manager Russia (no idea why she is called that) and the other girls at the reception are always cheery, and it is nice just to talk to them. If required they will order taxis and Xe Oms and provide general advise about places to visit. If required they can arrange pick up at the airport as well.

At night two guys are sleeping in the reception area – so if you arrive back late just knock on the door and they let you in.

For $25 it was a very good palce to stay – especially because of the location and the staff. Would definately stay there again.

Contact: Hanoi Guesthouse

Rating: 9/10

(Stayed here May 2016)

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Green Street Hotel

The Green Street Hotel is located on Ma May near the corner to Hang Buom – so it offers a great location in the Old Quarter, near many food places, bars and cafes. The hotel offers a range of sinlge, double, triple and dorm rooms. Some rooms are located to Ma May, so it could be a bit noisier. However, these rooms are slightly alrger, with two beds, a TV, mini fridge, A/C and an en-suite bathroom. The bed was comfortable and not too ahrd like so many beds in Vietnam.

Breakfast is included in the price – but I never ate there during my two nights there.

The hotel has a travel agency attached on the other side of the road, it offers transportation from and to the airport (private car to the airport was $14) and they have a laundry service ($1 per kilo). The front door to the hotel is open during the night, and there are two people sleeping at reception. If you do not wake them you can take the key from behind the counter. The staff was friendly and helpful as well.

Overall the hotel is a nice place, and the price of $23 per night for the large room was good. The only downside is that they use a higher exchange rate when going from the quoted price in US$ to Dong for payment. It was just 1.000 Dong more per $1, but nonetheless it feels a bit like an attempt to overcharge tourists. Either use the official exchange rate or quote prices in Dong. So if I have the choice I would rather stay at the Hanoi Guesthouse again, but this could be a nice alternative.

Rating: 6 (7 if correct exchange rate is used)/10

(Stayed here May 2016)

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